The system integrator eCommerce (U.S., Chicago)

Spexo Systems has a high level of project management and business analysis, so that the development is always predictable and transparent. Working with Spexo Systems, we believe in strict compliance with the requirements and high efficiency of the development process.

The company is focused on solving complex problems, and constantly improves the processes and extends the range of competencies. Spexo Systems has become a reliable partner for us which is responsible for the obligations and provides the highest quality products and services.
Network of stores of radio-controlled and the bench-top models (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

We work with Spexo Systems since 2005. It is a reliable integrator with which we are constantly improving our web-systems. In 2010, we set the task of full automation, from sales in the workplace of the sellers in stores to calculation of the discounts on customer activity on the forum.

We have complex business processes, covering both offline (chain stores) and online (Internet-shop and the community). The system of business process management, online store, forum, blog should be integrated into one bundle and interact in real time (the presence of products in stock, the balance of a customer account, etc.).

As a result, specialists of Spexo Systems has developed web-system with the functions of ERP and CRM, was developed and implemented the API (almost all the functionality of an Online Store translated into API), made the integration of all the systems, implemented total user base. High professionalism of Spexo Systems’ specialists provided a qualitative description and automation of our business processes, integration of web-existing disparate systems with different tasks in a single information system of the company.
Manufacturer of electronic textbooks (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk)

Spexo Systems have developed by our order two software products. Even at the stage of collaborative design and drafting the terms of reference, it became clear that we made the right choice of the company. Thanks to the clear interaction of managers-designers terms of reference were drawn up taking into account all of our wishes.

Thanks to the well-organized two-way feedback during the development of projects have been identified and removed the entire "bottlenecks". At the stage of development and testing of software products Spexo Systems has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner. Training of our staff by experts of Spexo Systems in work with software products have passed quickly and efficiently. In the future we hope for the same successful and productive cooperation with our partner - Spexo Systems.
Asset Management Company (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk)

Special thanks to Spexo Systems for the creation of web-system for our company. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of specialists of Spexo Systems web-system turned out very easy to download and easy to manage. Pleasantly surprised by the willingness of managers to meet even after the creation of web-system and its run-up, as a result we were able to modify and correct quickly the mistakes that occurred during its updating. Thank you for your loyalty and patience.

Also it would be desirable to note the cost of the project. In a short term it was made a huge amount of work and thus the cost of creating web-system is 20% lower than at competitors. We hope for further cooperation and will be happy to recommend you as a reliable partner in the creation of web-applications!

Here are the reviews of our partner and some domestic customers to whom we have accomplished the development of information systems.

We conduct work on projects of foreign clients through our partner in the USA therefore their responses cannot be posted here.

We thank to all our customers for following our requirements for the organization of the development process. Only through close collaboration over projects it turned out to achieve a worthy implementation of their information systems.

Each project had to deal with their difficulties, and in each case they were overcome thanks to the trust and understanding, which were provided by the efforts of both parties.
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