Spexo Systems - IT-company of the full cycle.

Spexo Systems maintains its own web-based projects, produces its own software products (web-systems) and creates information systems to order.

Spexo Systems performs design, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems, as well as the analysis of the markets and creation of web-services to solve the pressing information tasks.

Spexo Systems was founded in 2005.
Development office is located in the city of Dneprodzerginsk (Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine).
Areas of activity:
  • Development of automated systems for managing business processes.
  • Development of online stores on the Magento platform for foreign customers.
  • Development of software products: platforms and web-systems components.
  • Development of Internet-projects: web-services, information portals.
  • System integration of the leading Open Source web-systems, including Russia's official support of phpBB forum.
Facts about the company:
  • We were among the first in the CIS who have mastered the technology of Adobe Flex RIA and Ext JS as the primary means of constructing the interfaces of web-systems which we create.
  • We are one of the few IT-companies in Ukraine whose main activity is the release of own products for web.
  • We use a variety of project management methodology (from directive to flexible) since its inception, when it was still not a fashion but a necessity.
  • We always use the UML and we develop comprehensive design documentation, realizing their role in success of the development and maintenance of information systems.
  • We are the only company with such a level of activities in the Dneprodzerzhinsk city. We have the best professionals of the city.
  • Black Hole Tool was released
  • A department of mobile app development was created
  • Adobe Flex was mastered
  • Spexo Systems was founded
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